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Dollywood, DC, Connecticut, New York, Massachusettes

Posted on July 20 2016

Dollywood, DC, Connecticut, New York, Massachusettes

So obviously time flies when you're having fun.

We've been rumbling along, seeing sights and taking in America. Ah it's quite a place and the different cultures are eye-opening.

In the last few weeks we've traveled from Tennessee all the way up to Massachusetts. We've stayed in small towns like Belchertown with a wonderful couple at their eco-friendly farm. A warm and sunny porch overlooking rows of vegetables along side flower beds and berry bushes. We've also stayed in big cities like New York in the loft of a friend located within blocks of everything you'd need to relax and enjoy your long travels.

Speaking of which, Cassandra and I splurged on taking some time at Aire where we bathed and relaxed so much we forgot for a minute we were even working.

Beyond that, we stayed in a couple motels-slash-hotels and one which we found to be strangely comforting, the Ethan Allen Hotel in Danbury, Connecticut. Of course there was a fine array of furniture that had been well-stocked for their own showrooms. And Cass and I attended a sweet 16 party in the ballroom. We were so proud!

In Virginia, we made a great stop off at Luray Caverns. Man what a magical place. We urge all to go there at least once.

Beyond Virginia, we had a long drive up to DC and saw some great stuff there. We'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

Now we're in Massachusetts with family. It's a time for catching up, relaxing, and taking in all that we found and bought at Brimfield (our main objective for the trip East).

We'll write more about our in-betweens in coming blogs. Now, to enjoy some coffee and put this computer down.


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