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Gold and Rust: Arizona and New Mexico

Posted on June 23 2016

Gold and Rust: Arizona and New Mexico

We've had a few days of adventure, crossing through some of the south western states; Arizona and New Mexico. There have been some long days and short nights, with having to book rooms, load our things in and out of the truck, and having to stop to see the wonderful and exciting roadside sights we've been passing.

Jerome Arizona


Stopping over in Sedona, Arizona has been, so far, our most enjoyable spot. The layered mountains of red and gold with small patches of green were breathtaking. The people we met while there were genuine and welcoming.

Believe it or not, driving has been the least of our issues. Sleeping has been the hardest part of travel, staying at a new place almost every night with an array of mattresses and settings that make far hard adjustments. We certainly miss our bed at home. Thankfully we've brought some pillows of our own to keep our heads sound.

Our next few states are Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee. Austin will be a three day stop over and then we'll hit the road again headed towards Memphis and Nashville. Get excited for us!


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