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Memphis, it's been great!

Posted on July 01 2016

Memphis, it's been great!

Heartbreak Hotel is in it's last few months of service and retiring to their updated sibling across the street. We had to stay here and give it the ol' Gold and Rust send off.

We had breakfast in the main dining room both mornings we awoke here, admittedly with a pretty lackluster buffet. Plastic utensils and nothing hot except for the coffee and toaster, which did a great job making our english muffins crispy (after four send-throughs). I'd suggest going into town for breakfast if you have the time.

Breakfast aside, the hotel was in great shape, and the room was pretty solid. Good paint, living room in the entrance, and a nice view of the RV park in the back which consisted of a lot of trees and lawn. Sunshine beamed in early morning, so make sure to bring a pair of masks if you plan on sleeping in.

Johnny Cash

Our most exciting event was to see Sun Records. The history and magic that happened there was moving. I felt, with the help of the tour guide, a real sense of pride in being on the sight of where rock and roll was given to the masses. If you are ever in Memphis, and have time to do one thing, it would be to go to Sun Records. Jason, our tour guide, was colorful, passionate, and detailed. We learned a lot of what we didn't even know about all the stars that have stepped foot in Sun Records. So glad we experienced it.


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