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Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee

Posted on June 28 2016

Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee

On our way out of Texas today, then cruising through Arkansas, and then finally ending up in Tennessee, staying at the Graceland Hotel resting up to see Graceland in the early morning.

Texas has been a eye-opening state for picking, culture, and roadtripping. We've encountered so many colorful people, both born and raised as well as transplants. A couple of folks we met in the city (San Francisco) had just moved to Austin days before we arrived, and they said their settling just fine. Our gracious host, Annemarie with her modern guest house, truly gave us a home away from home. Sonia with Revival Vintage made our trip worth the heat and backaches, giving us a great spot for our pop-up for the day on North Loop Blvd, Austin, home to numerous vintage shops and bars, locals flocked to.

On this, our final day in Texas, we headed out from Sulphur Springs and aimed the truck and trailer East, towards Arkansas. We’ll likely take a gas and eating break in Little Rock, but miss a majority if the state, unless a picking opportunity opens up. Then we’re sure to stop and do some rummaging for treasures.

Here we come Graceland!


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