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Korai Goods

Palo Santo Burner - Speckled Stoneware

$ 40.00 USD

We immediately fell in love with this hand built ceramic palo santo burner. Of course, it can work for other things too, it doubles as a great doobie rest.

Size: 7” x 4”x 3"

About Korai Goods:

Korai Goods offers hand-crafted jewelry, textiles, and ceramics from their studio in magical Pine Lake, GA. Their work is designed to be loved, and passed down. Each piece is equal parts modern simplicity and organic imperfection. They believe in honoring the 'hand' in handmade. 

Their name comes from a Greek nickname given to their founder Corrie when she was a child, kore-mou. This translates to 'my maiden' or 'my girl'. Korai is the plural of Kore, and is used as an inclusive term for all that are part of the Korai Goods family.

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