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Our mission is to help you create a thoughtful, beautiful and sustainable home that you love to live in. By offering mid century modern and curated vintage home decor, with exceptional hand made artisan products, we love to help you feel at home.

You might know us more for our vintage furniture and home goods. We started off in 2015 as a vintage-only pop up, and once we opened our dream store, we started curating sustainable, small maker contemporary goods and healthy, beautiful plants in addition to selling unique vintage and mid century modern furniture. Since closing our storefront due to the pandemic in July 2020, we've pivoted to beautiful pieces that are easy to ship, and follow these three pillars:


Sustainability, Design and Purpose.


Sustainability: They are sustainably made, upcycled, or a zero-waste product; they may help you reduce your carbon footprint and/or our dependance on plastic. and/or a fair trade benefit to the community or artisan that makes it.

Design: Ahhh such an objective principle. For us, we are passionate about clean lines, mid-century modern and Scandanavian aesthetics. 

Purpose: Something that’s intentional, and adds value to you or your home. For us, it’s something we cherish and love, and when we don’t - pass it on to someone else who might. 

“Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.”

Charles Eames

With our vintage pieces, you can satisfy all three values. We take pride that all of our vintage pieces have great design and are a delight, and are both purposeful and beautiful. Vintage items make great gifts, too!

We're Seth and Cassandra Forester  -- two creatives with an vintage collecting problem. We have a long history of collecting, picking and refurbishing antiques and vintage, which has spanned several generations before us. You can say we have it in our blood. We love the history behind the items we find, and diligently research our picks to give our customers a rich understanding and knowledge of what they bring home.

We love referrals, and appreciate your business! 

Find us on Instagram at: @goldandrust #shopgoldandrust


Our beautiful brick and mortar shop has been permanently closed due to the pandemic. We hope to open back up in 2021. :) 

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