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Alt Linen

Alt Linen - Cotton Napkins with free lifetime replacements

$ 36.00 USD

Upgrade from scratchy paper to these elegantly accented soft cotton napkins. Toss them into your weekly laundry and with minimal care, they'll last you hundreds of classy meals. And the best part is that If they ever get stained, simply login and request your free new replacements. So you don't need to lock them away just for that special occasion - fearlessly indulge yourself everyday. 

  • You save $80/year when you reduce your usage by just 1 paper towel roll each week
  • You save trees, and eliminate paper waste
  • And best of all, you do all this without adding any textile waste, because we up-cycle your worn linen

Replacing your linen:

When you're ready to swap your linens, simply login to your account to request new ones. Keep swapping them as often as you need, and as long as you want. We cover the cost of the product, you only pay for shipping (around $6 for a 4-pack). This is not a subscription service - you choose to replace them when you want.

By using just 1 less roll of paper towels a week, your customers save $80 each year. If every American home did that, together we can save 24 million trees a year and wipe out a million pounds of paper waste!

Set of 4, 100% cotton

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