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Pulp Pantry

Salt n' Vinegar Pulp Chips

$ 5.99 USD

Salt n' Vinegar: Tangy and salty, with that zesty pop of flavor you'll love. Highly addictive

Meet Pulp Chips - these remixed snackable staple, made with better quality ingredients and more nutritional value. So that no matter where you are, you’re always in reach of a tasty, delicious, veggie-packed snack.

What are Pulp Chips? A fiberfull tortilla chips made from fresh-pressed vegetables with the same flavor and crunch you crave. It's made from the byproduct (pulp) of fresh juicing, turning fresh-pressed vegetables into wholesome pantry staples that make it convenient and delicious to eat more servings of vegetables and fiber.


4 to 5 g fiber per serving
Made from organic veggies as the first ingredient
No corn, potato or grains
Naturally gluten-free, plant-based and non-GMO

Pulp Pantry is a Women-owned company and a zero-waste company

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