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Brick and Mortar

Posted on July 17 2018

Brick and Mortar

With our year leaping into the second half, we at Gold and Rust are quickly getting things organized for the loading in of all our products, hiding away in the secret vintage bunkers.

We are so excited about bringing our dream of a storefront to reality, and with thanks to all those out there helping us in achieving this we are ever thankful. A huge thanks goes out to Karen, of Mercy Vintage and Neighbor, who thought of us first when asked about who best would fit in with the Piedmont Ave community; It's meant to be.

We are currently doing what it is we as shop owners do when entering a new space. Floor cleaning, polishing, building, stacking, lighting, and down-right kickin' ass to make it our own.

When August rolls in, we should be close to finishing things up. We hope you can join us when we announce our soft opening, and soon after, the grand opening! Feel free to stop by and peek in the window to see what we have in store.

Seth and Cassandra



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